January 22nd, 2004

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James is leaving for a week, so it will be me and the cats. Or, more likely, the cats since I am hardly home these days. Im a little worried about their behavior, since it gets bad when they get ignored too much. (Well, duh!)

James has an interview for a new job today before leaves. Im hoping it goes well. I called home earlier and he was online, and now he's not there at all.

Very sleepy. My yogurt exploded in my bag (luckily it was inside a plastic lunch bag), so now that I am craving it, it is not to be had. Oh well. Ill have a brownie instead.

Palpation class tonight. We are doing range of motion exercises and naming all the movements (flaexation, extension, protraction, etc). Fun stuff.

I called Jeramy over lunch. I think a few of you remember him from New Orleans. He lives 2 stops from me on the W train and he has never once tried to visit. He says he is getting his life together, which is why he called me a few weeks ago. I wish him luck. Getting you life together is a hard thing to do in NYC. He told me I am the most motivated person he knows. I dont feel motivated. I feel sleepy.

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ok, it's really scary how much those diet patches an pills are being plugged on yahoo! via those annoying 1/2 page ads. Hello braniacs: weight loss drugs are BAD for you. (The Atkins diet is also kinda wrong, but at least you are consuming food, rather than chemicals.)

On that note, I'm finishing my applesauce and plunking out the door to class.