January 24th, 2004

(no subject)

im listening to fellow students in the lounge talking about the chinese 5 elements that we discussed in class today. everyone it talking about what they are. i dont know. i think im a good balance of both, and some show more pointedly depending on the situation. i find people in my class really "judge". One girl is indicating that fire is one of the more desirable elements. Right now in the lounge. Earlier, another girl was feeling kinda defensive because women are "yin" (nurturing) and men are "yang" (defensive). It's just freaking Eastern modality classification! People really n\eed to stop taking things personally and pushing the 20th century on old history. just my thoughts. But, i think that would be an insult if i really tried to explain that to people here. Blah de blah. Our break is over soon. Qi Gong practice for the last 1.5 hours of class. Nap time. Its good.

Tim has a show tonight, but Im not sure Im going to make it. I have 2 tests this week, and have been away from the cats all day. I havent seen Tim for weeks though. Rather catch coffee or something though..instead of going to a show by myself. i asked a classmate to go with me, but she wasnts too interested. its hard to make friends in NYC. I cant think of anyone who is either/or free tonight and likes classic rock enough to tolerate it as my company.

Im really rambling. Study the generation cycle. it will be on the test next week.