February 10th, 2004

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hee hee hee!
One of my bosses is out of town UNTIL NEXT FRIDAY! Woohoo! I just found this out this morning at 10:30am, when he was out the door. This is the boss who gives me the most work, so it's a VERY good thing.

I've been craving egg whites ALL DAY. What's up with that? Last night, it was cheese. LAst night, I was taking the L train to Union Square with a fellow swimmer and going on and on about how much I wanted cheese. Then I started thinking about what a stupid "conversation" this was, and asked him where he was going...

Anyway, maybe it's protein I need. But I didn't want tofu dogs last night, which is what I had anyway because it was quick. Maybe it's chloresterol. Can one actually crave that? I dunno.

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FYI: The Campbell's "Soup In Hand" Velvety potato is UBER yum. And veg. And cheaper than Health Valley.

I suspect it is less healthy for me, however.

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Well, im done with my quiz in A&P...I think I got a 100%, but I'm feeling sorta outta body today. as if im watching my brain work...and im hoping it worked correctly on that test. I kept spacing off, so I checked it through a second time. The class in general was taking longer, and I was happy to see it was challenging enough for once. No like an essay test, or anything, but you really had to look at your notes for this one.

We're on break until 7pm. Now I only have 1 more test this week.

Im thinking of swimming with Red Tide Tomorrow, since the pool will be closed for my team practices on Thursday and Monday. I feel im getting out of shape with only 3 practices a week. I am a glutton for punishment, let me tell you.