March 8th, 2004


I was the biggest study monster ever this weekend, and it continued into tonight. I have 2 more things to get through before sleep, so I better get to it, so I can get at least 5.5 hours of sleep. Everything is so interesting. It's hard to stop reading about things, but I must sleep. Otherwise, I get all pissy at work. That's been happening a lot lately.

Both my kitties were very snuggly tonight. I took little study breaks to wiggle the string and toss the mouse around the floor. I know they want to play more, but I think they have caught on to the mindless string-jiggle. I have to have my full attention on them, and that is not possible for more than a few minutes at a time.

Myology Quiz tomorrow, and a big Eastern test on Saturday. Much to pack my brain with.
Every heard of the band "At the Drive-In"? Do you like them? I cant decide. I traded CD's with Anthony, and he loves them. I dont have time to REALLY listen. I plowed through a few songs tonight between the time I got home and the time Simpsons started at 6:30pm.