March 9th, 2004

(no subject)

about to head to class. got my umbrella. chewing strong cinnamon gum instead of brushing my teeth. buzzing from no sleep and the coffee I had before lunch. Thirsty, but too lazy to get a glass of water. I dont want to be to class too early, because everyone is studying out loud and asking me questions: superpsyche and why the hell didnt you study and ask questions during the whole past freakin week?

James MIGHT have a new part time job as a bartender around the corner from our place. He got past the first interview and is "test-training" with a few others tomorrow night. I've hardly seen him this week. Usually one of us is mostly asleep.

Ifrit shit on the mat outside the box again last night . Pretty much every night now. Or in the center of the floor. it's annoying. hes doing it because we have to shut them out of the bedroom at night. The funny thing is that he will take a big mouthful of food, dump it on the floor in the poo-spot and eat. There's a helpful song from Ween that comes to mind here.