March 10th, 2004

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Well, I somehow managed to get a 101% on my myology test. This class is definately more of a challenge for me than anatomy. Functions are slippery-er than geography. We had to know 6 muscles this week. Next week, we have to know 23. Fun. Im spending my lunch hour memorizing 3, and reviewing the bladder meridian. I dont have time to surf the web at lunch anymore.

Meanwhile, I waited 20 minutes for the V train at 34th street this morning while 3 E trains (running on the wrong track) and 3 F trains passed. I was rewarded for my semi-patience with some SERIOUS eye candy. This guy was so hot. I was reviewing my bladder points, but I kept looking over at him. He looked up a few times, but I doubt it was for the same reason. Sigh. We got out at Lexington and but he took the parallel "up" escaltor. I made sure I didnt look over, but I walked up my long escaltor quickly, just so he'd know I was in excellent shape (as if he was paying attention or something!) Im a dork. Who the hell pays attention to short haired girls with big dorky glasses? It's all about long hair and pointy shoes and coach bags.