April 14th, 2004


Finals, swamped with work at work cause im taking the next 2 days off, boy not emailing me back from last night's email that asked him out on Saturday.

Where the hell are the razorblades?

(no subject)

im actually really really upset that he hasnt written me back. I guess Im a little fragile ("frazch ee leh") after everything that's gone on. When yur boyfriend doesnt want you for 6 months, you kinda want someone to want you again. Maybe I should have waited. I dont think I can handle rejection right now. I just went with my instinct of what I thought was right. And now it's 3 weeks into it and I have no idea what he's thinking.

In the meantime, Im taking a 30 minute break from work. To try and eat some lunch (an almond croissant. To clear my head and focus on what's important: finals. Tonight's final. That's all that really matters. And yet, im not stressed out. What will be will be. Now, I just need to transfer that attitude to lesser things. Like new relationships. Or, I cant even call it that. Maybe Im actually transfering all my finals stress onto those lesser things.

I dunno, but this almond croissant it really good.