April 30th, 2004

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So, I had a second great date last night with D. He's just as dorkie as me!! But cuter. It's great. He met me at my place at 7, and we had dinner at Long Tan. Since it was such a beautiful evening and he'd not really explored Park Slope much, we walked around a great deal before taking a break at the Gate for a drink. Im apt sitting for a classmate, so we walked down to her place, but the inner door key wouldnt work. Ooops, had to leave the mail behind the front door. I was going to bring her some flowers for her apt, but now I guess I'll just leave then inside the outter door. Anyway, we fooled with that for a while before taking a seat on the stoop of this school. I felt badly because it was after 11pm, and I knew James was home. It was getting colder and we both were shivering, but at the same time, we didn't want to part quite yet, and we didnt want to buy any more food/drink. Couldnt go back to my place, of course. Kinda embarassing. But, from his email today in reply to my explanation, he seems ok with everything. So, anyway, me made out a little on the steps of the school, and talked awhile, but it got too chilly. So he walked me home. I'm amazed. 2 dates and no sex. Go me. James and I hooked up on the first date.

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you know that commerical "this is your brain" "this is your brain on drugs" "Any questions?"

I have the brain on drugs right now, but unfortunately without any of the pleasure that covers for the fried feeling.

Ive been listening to Nighthawks at the Diner. Love. Love. It's the only saving grace to these last few hours on a Friday.