May 4th, 2004

(no subject)

I just got asked out to the Whitney on Friday. I'm trying to decide if I actually have time to go. I might if I study a lot tonight and tomorrow night. Like, late late.

Ive had a cup of coffee and a SF Red Bull this morning. Slept from 1:15am-4:30am, with frequent Ifrit-in-the-trash disruptions. I will be sleeping next to the kitchen on a stinky ass futon until James moves out.

(no subject)

i left 2 really dumb messages on D.'s voicemail. not intentionally dumb, but.... I thought I had something to say, and then I got all tongue tied. Eeek.
He's in the basement of Mt. Sinai today. doing researchy stuff. im at my desk getting pissed at my computer and looking forward to some hot sports massage class action in a few. my teeth are fuzzy and i have no toothbrush. i need some gum immediately.

why do i have a crush on this boy?