May 10th, 2004

(no subject)

i had a dream on Sunday morning that I Was on a crashing plane. I was watching the flames spread from the engine on that big screen you can watch on cross-country flights that shows your location. I was sitting next to my mom. I kept asking...shouldnt I Get up and tell them? I kept trying to get up, but some sort of social pressure was keeping me from making a move. (like when the teacher asks a question, and you know the answer, but you don't yell it out, for some reason) Then we come down below the clouds and I see football fields with HS football teams and fields of the midwest. and they are getting closer...rapidly. Are we landing? I ask my mom this. No, we're plummeting, she says. Closer and closer. I wake up right before we hit. It wasnt in nightmare mode, or anything. I didnt wake up screaming, but it wasnt so restful either.