May 27th, 2004

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nothing much to report. i complained about my job to the prez during the interview. I doubt anything will change. im a girl. what could I possibly know?

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yo, I have 6/9 pages of notes on the brain anatomy and functions to shove into my head before next Wednesday's test. I also need to have those pesky muscle origins and insertions down by the next Swedish class...but that's not for 2 weeks.

Today feels like a Friday. But it's not, damn it. I had dinner with James, and I'm procrastinating just a bit before chewing on more Neurology. I think I'll just listen to some Transatlantacism and ignore the pesky icecream truck music which seems to think my bedroom is a good place to hang out for hours at a time. I was supposed to go out with D. tonight, but apparently, the write-up portion for the presentation for the American Heart Association is due by midnight I got cancelled on. Tis ok though. absence makes the heart grow fonder, or some such BS. And it's research that might save us all later when we fall on the floor in the middle of a heart, there you go.

Ok, no more fucking around. Just one more handful of chocolate chips, and then the the ass goes in the kitchen chair, and the brain must focus on learning all about itself.