June 15th, 2004

(no subject)

ok, so I need to think of something summery and yet filling for Thursday night dinner. Was thinking of spinach/gorgonzola/walnut salad with a vinagrette, bruchetta, and something else..or maybe no bruchetta and chilled angel hair with artichoke/tomato/olive topping. Or maybe sweet apples and baby shrimps over mixed greens...

Another option I was considering was going Asian..cold peanut noodle salad..the green salad with the yummy orange dressing. Maybe something seafood and grilled in the pan.

After dinner, I have to practice Shiatsu. Now, while you may be thinking im nice, in reality, Im just doing my homework. And I have a lot of it this week.

Anyway, so Thursday is date/ shiatsu practice session night. Friday is massage receiving night. (nice homework, huh?)