June 21st, 2004

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Meanwhile, my LEFT middle delt is in so much pain. Not sure what is going on, but concentric contraction about 30 degrees is all I can muster, and the eccentric adduction. ouch! And it's a little swollen.

I iced it for 10 minutes this morning and took 2 motrin. It's definately not the same injury as the right shoulder. I think it's more general overuse between some bad massage posture yesterday and doing a lot of sprint freestyle today. in any case, class will be ever to fun tonight.


ok, suddenly no one in NYC carries cherry coke!! WTF!
Theres regular and diet, and decaf, and lime, and lemon, "C2", vanilla, diet vanilla. But no cherry! Cherry coke is all Ive been craving for the last 3 days! :( Of course, by "everywhere" I mean Rite aid, Duane Reade, and the gas station across from my apt...but come on! those are major distribution outlets. I guess the next quest will be to charge into an overpriced deli or collapsing bodega. what a waste of a lunch hour.

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who would have thought at 25 years old, I'd be ordering 20-40MT of dehydrated onion for shipment overseas? chalk it up to life's little accomplishments.

D just called me from the DMV. He spoke with me last time he was there too. "You know, now when I think of the DMV, I'll think of Lisa." Great, D. Another one of life's little accomplishments.