June 23rd, 2004

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ok, so i just dissed everyone's suggestions in the last posting. :) but thanks anyway :) My friend Becca is the supershopper, so I think I might have to spend a couple days with her and learn how to shop again. I just hate shopping, to be honest.


Meanwhile, my student loan check is ready for me to pick up!! ;)

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dude, the teriyaki and the salmon are chasing each other around in my tummy. ive got a neurology final tonight, and then I get to go play with my boy! :) Im done studying. I know too much already. (?) I just need to relax. And concentrate on the alcohol bevi that will be consumed directly after. mmm, pinot grigo.

I actually went into Bebe at lunch, but I didnt see one thing I liked. I was even feeling girly today too, but alas.