July 9th, 2004

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yo, that sales meeting can get over at any time. im stavin marvin over here.

and tired of working. girl needs break.
going to swim practice after work. D-chop is pickin me up at the pool and taking me to Riverdale. Ive been promised homemade Risotto. mmmm.
did I mention I was hungry?

(no subject)

im outta here.
Stayed a little late because I needed to type up my Shiatsu session report from last week to turn in tomorrow morning at 9am. D is picking me up at 8pm, right after swim practice and I didnt want to waste our date-time on homework. Of course, we will tomorrow night, because he will be my guinea pig for the palpation of the anterior leg and forearms. MUHAHAH! He will suffer yet! ;)

So, yeah. Ive got 70 minutes until practice starts. La de ba. I dont want to be here too much longer cause then someone will think im working and ask me to do something.