August 16th, 2004


i just wrote a really long and irritated post about a comment someone posted about a comment i found starting with
"people like us can't have normal jobs.".... blah de blah
I deleted it the interest of not pissing everyone off with my "suck it up and fucking deal" attitude. I suppose those of us who work hard will always be looked at as "over-achievers", "boring", "molded", and "boxed". But it pisses me off. Because I come to my office every day, counting the seconds until I graduate. And after that, I might take a 9-5 job in a cancer clinic. (oh's 9-5...revolt!) Anyway, that's all im saying about it. I'll add that a lot of this stems from some offline bitching over the past week. It's not aimed at anyone in particular. It's aimed at all of you.