August 22nd, 2004

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its a beautiful morning and a light breeze is blowing off the hudson river into D's apt. we just finished off an apple danish and some tea. Hes going to drop me off at swim practice before heading downtown to meet a friend for dim sum. the shoulder is hurting today. maybe it's something we did in the shower last night. uhem.
maybe it was the mattress. in any case, its one of those aches that slowly goes away over the course of the morning, so its not so bad now as when I first opened my eyes. i was wondering how I was even going to swim at all.

Breaks for an allergy attack.

ok, im back. sneeze.
sneeze again.

There's a Korean fan dance going on near Lincoln Center later. we might go to that. This post is wandering.

I flossed a lot of grossness from my teeth this morning. Im glad it's gone.