August 23rd, 2004

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Well, we missed the Korean Fan dance, but we did hit the Whitney for the Ed Ruscha exhibit. Nice. At first, I had my doubts, but I really started to like his stuff. Impressive, considering I'd just finished a 5,000 yard workout with fins. I was much more apt to nap than museum, but it all worked out. Met one of D's friends from Yale. Nice enough guy. Friends say a little about people, and I was impressed. This particular friend was one of the divas who developed the new LED system for stoplights and walk signs. At least here in NY, the old lights have been replaced by more pixilated-looking fixtures: brighter and (apparently) longer lasting with fewer mechanical difficulties. Cool. Something about crystals. Something about photons bouncing around.

We barely made it through the men's pommel horse before passing out. Did Paul Hamm score any medals medals to make up for the fake all-around gold?

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1 1/2 cups shitake mushroom/tofu miso soup
1/2 cup salted roasted pumpkin seeds
1 cup milk
1/2 cup applesauce
almond granola bar

thats lunch. where does it all fit? thank goodness for rugae.

I took a late lunch today on account of a coworker suddenly wanted to switch times. its ok with me, cause when i return at 2:15, I'll have less than 3 hours left!

The plan tonight is laundry and cleaning. essentials that have been ignored for...awhile.

Im going to try and eat more boiled eggs. De-yoked for the most part. I found out, being active and all, that I should be getting at least 85 grams of protein a day. I dont think I even come close.

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i just tried some low carb breyers chocolate ice cream. see, japan is interested in this low carb craze (which incidentally has peaked and is expected to start heading back toward sanity). so, the company is reimbursing the girls here to buy $15 worth of low carb groceries for their research. Everything has been yucky so far, but the ice cream was pretty good. Im still a Ben and Jerry's fan. There's something about blatent artificialness claiming to be healthy that creeps me out.

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at home.
boiling 3 eggs.
balancing the budget.
laundry in the dryer.
some wet hanging to dry in the closet.
going to bake some corn and slice tomato for dinner.

but first, grocery shopping and a 1 mile run.
I have not run since last fall, or something, so, 1 mile is definately enough.
Waiting for rush hour to die down so I dont have to jog in place on every corner. and the sun needs to be less intense.

allergized. sniffle.
my cats are happy to have me home, I think. bored, yet happy.