August 25th, 2004

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today's morning was not so successful. I'd set my alarm for 7:15am. "Oh yes, I'll have enough time to get ready", my 11pm brain thought to itself. However, my morning brain was not working. I woke up to discover that my lovely lovely delightful precious shithead of an orange cat had pooped next to the litter box. He'd also jumped up onto the slightly opened bag hanging on the kitchen closet door handle, ripped out 3 pages of notes, and proceeded to chew and destroy them. these notes were all over the floor, luckily missing the pile of puke under the table. Grrr. I cleaned. I yelled at the cat.
I leisurely consumed a cinnamon raisin bagel with cream cheese and a glass of soy milk. Suddenly, it was 7:40. Shower. (Ifrit knocked over the bathroom trash while I was the shower and dragged the TP wrapping into the kitchen Grrrr. I jumped out, replaced the trash, grabbed the plastic and yelled at him again.) Dressed. Prepared lunch. Packed clothing and swim gear for the next 2 days. Remembered my umbrella, because it looked cloudy outside (Take THAT weather god!!) And it was 8:15. Shit. Poured the bathroom trash into the kitchen trash. Changed the cat water. All set. Late. It's 8:25. Leave the apt with trashbag. Deposited trashbag and noticed that everything was blurry. I'd forgotten my glasses. Up to the apt again. Back down. Finally boarded the train at 8:40. Made good time until 42nd Street, where I accidentally jumped on the F train instead of the V. Got off the uptown F and waited for the downtown. Got off the downtown and waiting for the uptown V. Finally made it into the office at 9:30. Ugha. So, now I have to stay and make up time until 5:30. It works out, since I have to wait for D to get off work tonight anyway...but still.

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im waiting for D to come pick me up. he says he hit some traffic. la de da de do.
Not only did I get an email from Jay today, but I also got from from the Melavator AND an old fling/friend, Deb. Yes, the email has been good.

Ive been printing out restaurants to try. One is Suzie Wong's Night Cafe. Located at 409 West 14th St, it's only open from 12am -3am. Asian Cuisine, of course. Sounds cool.

I thought tonight we'd hit up El Cocotero on 18th, but if it gets any later...I dunno. the movie starts between 8-8:30 so and Im sure the people will come early. South American arepas and tapas looking menu. I am hungry. I know D's not. Took some antibiotics that upset the tummy.
Ooo! he just called. yay!:)
Im h-over and h-out.