August 26th, 2004

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made it into work 15 minutes early today. I hardly have anything to do. August has been such a razor blade month. its all about wasting as much time surfing around as possible while not getting caught and looking busy. today, i have to invoice a customer, and call a few people. maybe an hours worth of work, normally, if i needed to get through it quickly. of course, little things will pop up...hopefully many so Im not pulling my hair out.
Ive decided to reorganize my filing cabinets. It's a little jumbled. I know where things are...but it could always be..i dunno ...a little more alphabetical or something.

D was sick last night, so we didt go to the movie. ended up hitting the Rocking Horse Cafe and ordering appetizers that we couldnt finish. He had a salad. He'd been feeling bad all day after taking an antibiotic in the morning. I certainly wasnt going to push things. We went back to his place. I gave him a terrible 1/2 hour massage on the futon for his aching back and put him to bed. We were both asleep by 9:45. I guess I was a little bummed cause I was looking forward to a free movie on the pier, but its not like he can help being sick. I was happy to pay for dinner and get him home. I think he was feeling a little better this morning. I made him some oatmeal, but discovered after the fact that he wasnt into milk in oatmeal. so, I had to eat it myself. it was too sweet.

Cell phone

Uhm, someone better sure as hell quit trying out every single ring tone on their celly in my hallway. Im going to turn my music up.
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