August 27th, 2004

Double workout

I just got back from a 2.5 mile run. the new knee brace worked well. No knee pain on the right side. Im wondering if I should have gotten the one with the hole in the knee though, to release pressure on the patella. My knee cracked every time extending from full flexion. Im not going into full flexion in the run though, so I think Im ok for now.

Hitting the pool tonight. Hopefully the shoulder is managable so I dont have to wear fins the entire time.

Ifrit is whiny. KT is napping. The floor is covered in cat hair, litter bits, and catfood because D wanted to really see what it was like if I dont sweep. I havent swept since Tuesday and it's driving me crazy. He thinks Im overreacting. but whatever he says tonight, i KNOW that he wants a clean apt and would never stand for the mess. Speaking of that, where are my flops? Sweaty jogging feet + nasty floor = yuck yuck yuck.

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i just bought lime green herringbone pants. maybe those pink kitty shoes in a size 9 would work out after all. i need to get on that.