September 9th, 2004

a couple vacation pix

1. A falls on the West Branch of the Ausable river, off of highway 86. D was fishing here, and I was distracted by the beauty of the water.

2. Here I am on the first day of vacation, having pounded through a moderately-rated hike up to the summit of Cook Mountain. A moderate hike with an equally moderate view. A good warm-up though.

3. While D fished, I hiked an easy trail by Owen Pond, on the way to Cobberas Pond. Gorgeous. Here's a tree growing over a huge boulder. I kinda wonder how it got started.

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Going to class.
Yup. Tonight is the first night of Advanced Western. (Basically, advanced Swedish technique) Stok-ed. totally. My teacher was the Sports Massage teacher from last semester, so I know things are going to be good. I really liked her. She taught from the book, but knew when to skip things and add in personal experience. Very practical chica. And a personal trainer. Buff buff buff. Like I wish I could be. (Did I mention I had a delicious cinnamon roll for breakfast this morning? ahhaha)

Anyway, gotta jet. Read some from the Assessment manual on the train..if I can wedge a seat in the caboose of the E.
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