October 22nd, 2004

Friday, and other stuff

yay for soy chai. indeed. tazo with a little Silk brand soy. mm mm good. Office is freezing and my hands are all cold and stiff. I keep refilling the tea and the cup of hot water (the latter for actual hydration) next to it. The liquids cool down so fast, I barely get a chance to put the fingers around the warm mugs. rrg.

Went out last night with some classmates after the Adv Western Midterm. Ah, good ole Mullens. Never thought I'd actually go back there after the whole brief fling with a classmate in early April. Anyway, it was him and me and his girlfriend (a fellow classmate, as well), and 3 other gals. Nice. Two Budweisers after a test is definately medicine for the soul. And no discomfort. I think I'm finally over the whole James divorce. I've been needing to get out and just hang and Im much happier today for it even though I passed out in a drunken pile last night. Not hungover this morning. I guess the 2 cups of water + motrin + tofupup did the trick.

As for the James divorce, I think there were little pieces of it I was still mulling over. Mistakes, such as the fling with a classmate, that I regretted after the fact. Small jealousies, like that classmate starting to date the girl he always talked about on our "dates". General bad wierdness for the soul that I was reminded of every day, especially when I was at school. D is wonderful and as much as I care for him now, there was a lot of uncertainty within me as to whether I was doing the right thing when we stated dating. Gotta roll with the punches, and in the roses (!!), and things will be what they may. And I've been able to heal enough now to where I seek the company of others and see it as a comfort instead of a challenge to hide the pain.
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tick tock goes the clock. an hour to go before I head to J Crew to exchange a too-big vest. yup. Big plans tonight: finish my Shiatsu session report, laundry, clean. Im so much fun, lemme tell you.