October 24th, 2004

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Anyone see I (heart) Huckabees? Im still deciding what I think about it. For some reason, the dialogue really reminds me of that cartoon...still life..or whatever it was. Philosophy the whole way, but it was funny and just in touch enough to be sorta mainstreamish...sorta.

And the best part about the whole movie was that my reeses pieces didnt interact with my garlic broccoli to create tummy havoc. I was most inpressed with my GI tract. Usually vegis and refined sugars dont mix well with me.

(Can I comment here, that the annoying neighbor below me is blasting the same first few bars of something violin-y over and over before his bass gives out in a big loud bang. Over and over.)

Looking forward to seeing D tonight. Im so used to spending my weekends with him, so was odd sleeping along on Friday and Saturday. He was supposed to call last night, but I didnt hear from him. :( Not that I suspect anything. He's was part of a good friend's wedding yesterday..and then last night I think the world series was on. Not that that's an excuse not to call when you say you will...but who know what happened. I just miss him, thats all. Anyway, I think my laundry might be close to done..not that there's a dryer for me, but the washing part is finito.
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