November 3rd, 2004

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dude, Kerry, give it up. Bush has won. It's sucks, I'll agree, but let the popular vote speak. Lets go bomb Iraq. It seems that's what people want. Good way to spread freedom. America, fuck yeah. In the meantime, the USA needs to be more prepared for a higher voter turnout. If all of America actually tried to vote, it would be laughable. 5 hour waits to turn some levers us unacceptable.

Interesting to note that only 1/2 the country supports either candidate.

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im about to be treated for lunch by the office manager. I couldnt make it to the assistants' dinner thingy 2 weeks ago, so she feels badly and is taking me out for sushi. im really starting to dig spicy salmon rolls..especially if they are REALLY spicy with crunchy tempura inside. Yummer. It's the only rawness I'll touch though.

27.5 weeks (projected! haha) left of this job. i have a lead on something that could pan out sooner. Not really confident that it will, but I'm hoping to just make a connection. My financial advisor, of all people gave me the tip from a conference he went to a few weeks back. I'll be calling them later today..after lunch.
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