December 21st, 2004


Seeing as how I have about 20 emails in my inbox asking If Im still alive...
yes, im still alive! Third semester of school has been completely draining and I suppose I just haven't felt like I have anything to say except..Im tired, and I need to study, or I got a 96 on that test...

As it is, I completed the 3rd Semester on Saturday and proceeded to get drunk with some classmates at the Caliente Cab Company. I chased beer with Mojito's and Sangria without a hangover on Sunday. (Thank you AlkiGod!) Anyway I get along with everyone in my class, but some of my friends dont. So this guy, who shall be named J. shows up. He get drunk. Starts harassing my friend M. He starts hitting everyones ass. Wierd. So, D. and I take a break from this party and head to the TNYA party to make an appearance. We come back to find a few less people, but still the main crowd and J. We hang out, have another drink, then decide to take off. One of my friends is outside smoking a ciggy, so we stop to tell her goodnight. J comes out. Starts talking about his kids, and how I need to be humble..and started dissing me for not introducing D. D. got pissed, since this guy was insulting me and took my hand and made to leave. J. grabbed D by the arm for no reason. D. gets even more pissed and I had to drag D away before his 135lb ass got kicked by J, the 200LB trainer. Horrible. D. has a big bruise streak down his arm now. Ugha.

But the night was not lost. I managed to calm D. down enough in the car so I could get some attention when we got home. and better yet, a few minutes into it, I started crying because he finally said the L word.
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