January 5th, 2005

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Livejournal is being wierd today.

Im taking a forbidden 1/2 a lunch break. Another reason for my lack of updates is that Ive had so much work to do that I've had no time to stop for an hour at 12 to eat and mellow out. Sucks. Today, Im taking a breather because I have to write some checks for bills. Otherwise, id have worked through it.

Classes started up again yesterday. This semester will be no where near as grueling as last semester. Granted, there's still the issue of time, but time spent researching and writing a paper is less stressful than cramming for an exam, in my opinion. All the concepts have been learned. Now, it application and specialization. So, less new stuff and more clinical practice. yay!

Supposed to snow later. Supposed to avoid eating chocolate. I wonder which is more likely to happen?
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