February 22nd, 2005

rrrg, sick

Ah, sickness. I wanted to call in today, but I knew it would be a madhouse after the long weekend. To be honest, it's not a madhouse, but there were several items that went wrong this morning and had I not been in, major catasrophies to deal with tomorrow.

Been sick for almost 2 weeks now. something insidious is taking hold. Like, every day, I feel slightly worse. Last week, I skipped class because I was so tired. Slept for over 9 hours. This week, Im all achy, but I need to go to class. So, blah. blah blah.
its that day where you cant get comfy in any position. Muscles ache.

Yo, I need a massage!

Instead im going to have a cup of tea. Ive been hydrating all morning, so it should be all good.
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