March 8th, 2005

let it snow " .. "

One lovely thing about sitting smack in from of a huge window on the 19th floor is watching the snowstorms morph around. Huge flakes now, blowing around like a snowglobe. About 10 minutes ago it was tiny flakes flying horizonally. It's not sticking since it was raining until around 11am, so we all get to look forward to a messy commute after work. I dont really care, as long as the trains are not delayed. You'd think that since they are mostly underground, the snowstorms wouldnt effect them so much. But with all the leaks and shorts and the few lines that have above ground segments in the outter boros, it can get kinda hairy.

Im enjoying tofu and broccoli with peanut sauce for lunch. Last night, I boiled up some basmati rice for the week. Coated the skillet (thanks Randee!) in a thin layer of peanut oil, tossed in a box of diced extra firm tofu and half a bag of frozen-then-streamed broccoli. Added 1/2 cup of spicy peanut sauce and a tsp of salt. Blended and simmered for 5 minutes. Put the mixture over rice and yum yum. Quick and lovely..and I have food for today, tomorrow, and proly thursday. I know brown rice is better for me, but basmati is my favorite. So, whatever.

Oooo, the flakes have gotten smaller. And I think they are going the other direction now, horizonally of course.

I finished up my last 2 papers last night. Im going to read through them briefly today, after I write this, reprint..and woohoo! done! Thank the lord, is all Im saying. They are kinda sub-par, but I cant think about it anymore. It's not like I'm going to fail!
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