March 17th, 2005

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Well, it looks like I will be moving again. I came to the conclusion this weekend that if I can lower my rent by $200/month, and only pay 1st months rent and a deposit, id make up the difference by August. (Of course, this includes the return of the security deposit around that time too...)

So, I've started hunting in a new neighborhood that I recently fell in love with. It's further away from the city...but Im hoping to find work in Brooklyn, anyway, so it wouldnt be so bad. Rent is cheaper. Neighborhood is beautiful and the people are actualyl friendly.

I was told my a realtor that I cant really begin a serious hunt till around tax time. My move-in date is 6/1. Between 6/1- 8/20, I have to find someone to sublet my place. After August, my lease is up and im in teh clear.

So, lets list my stressors now, shall we? :
1. Finding a new apt
2. Paying for the new apt (dont forget, Im done with my current job after May)
3. Finding a decent sublet-ee
4. Generally budgeting savings
5. Finding work until I get licensed (may or may not end up being stressful, but since I have a potential money crunch, Im stressed at the moment. I hear it's not THAT hard to find a spa to sponsor me. I have 1 sponsor now, but it wont be enough.)
6. Studying for the National Exam (trying to take this in June: wont help me with the NY license, but I wont always be here and most other states accept this exam for license application. Better get it out of the way before I forget everything.)
7. Fixing my shoulders- they have been hurting me lately.
8. Planning a vacation the first week in June. Have tix and a car. Just need to plan the details. D is going to meet my parents!

I need a massage. Im thinking about swapping with a fellow student this weekend. I just need to relax a little.
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