March 18th, 2005

interview x 2

So, to add to the stress (hopefully before taking it away), I have 2 interviews in the upcoming week. The first is at a holistic center. I dont think it's the best fit for me, but Im going to go anyway to see what they are about. Most of their work is more energetic and Eastern, which is not my strongsuit. They also offer crystal therapy, color therapy, and sound therapy. Dont want to to be doing that so much, but I may not have to. The other interview is more exciting. While both places are in the neighborhood I want to be in, the 2nd place is more spa-like. I liked their menu, location, and their down to earth personality when I visited this past weekend. The spa is owned and operated by Swedish Institute grads. It's key to have a spa run my massage therapists. Otherwise the managers have no idea what people have to do. Im speaking with the spa people on Thursday. I have some leads working with PT patients and the like in Manhattan as well. Just gotta keep hustling, I suppose.

Im leaving the apt hunting until mid-april/ may. I was told to hold off. So, I put all my stuff in order and crack through them one by one.

I have 2 practice clients at 6 and 7:30 tonight. At 9pm, I will be free to rest and play with D. I cant wait to see him. I love him so much for all the support he's given me over the past year.

I also cant wait to sleep. zzzz
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