March 21st, 2005

interview #1

HAHA. How do I congeal this one down? How about a statement from one of the 2 owners of the place: "You notice that we dont print the word "massage" anywhere on our menu. We call it "bodywork", so we dont have to follow New York State laws for massage." My first thought was "what planet are you from?" followed shortly after by "not interested" and "you're going to get shut down!"

As I mentioned, HAHA.

This place had just opened on Monday 3/14. The two owners couldnt have been much older than me. The explained that they had owned a tanning salon and a nail place before, but they wanted to try energy therapies. He had been reading some books and though it was cool. So, that's the gist of that. Owners without a clue about massage or state laws.

My next interview is on Thursday at much more reputable place. The owners graduated from the Swedish Institute, and they are more of a spa/ salon. I also got a call back from a Spa/ Rehab center that I called today. The Dr. there asked me to fax my resume and maybe we could talk next week. So, I've faxed the resume, and now I'm waiting for a second call. If I dont hear from her by lunch tomorrow, I will follow up.

Meanwhile, I thought I would get through all this stuff yesterday that I had no time for. Well, I did all my laundry (2 bags!) in the morning, kissed D goodbye at 11. Cleaned a little, played some video game, cleaned some more, showered, played some more game. Nodded off in the chair and though Id take a little nap around 3:30. I woke up at 9:30!!! I was amazed. Went back to bed and slept until 4:45, when I usually get up on Mondays. Wierdness. I was going to call all these spas and go grocery shopping and make food for the week. Now, Ive got to live off of plain pasta, bread and tofu soup until Saturday. ooops. HAHA once again.
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