April 15th, 2005

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do be do. so, its friday. lunch: my couscous smelled a little funny, but I mixed it in with the red lentil soup, so I didnt taste it so much. haha. I had this thought of puking tonight during my interview. haha haha.
Ok, it didnt smell THAT bad. you know how it is. Something seems like its going to go bad soon, so you wolf it down not to waste. well, maybe you dont do that, but I do cause I only had a 20$ budget for food this week.

I seem to have misplaced by first wireless bill. the one that charges the 2 months in advance with all the start-up fees. it was paid to. check in the envelope. I had it this morning at home, so I can only hope that I left it on the kitchen table and that the cats did not teamwork it with and Ifrit knockdown and a KT chew-it-to bits special.

So yeah, I have 3 1/2 hours of training my replacement. (Draining...shes great, but I have to talk talk talk...) then a Shiatsu massage by a student who needed a partner for his final cause his class has an odd # of people. Then my interview at Equinox at 8. that reminds me...i need to print a street map!
thank god for LJ. otherwise, i might have forgotten. hahhahahah
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