June 21st, 2005

long time no sea

as it is, i am once again flanked on the right side by a beautiful view of the Hudson River. Dave is fishing and not to return until 10pm tonight, which means that I have free reign over the internet and some tasty thin mint GS cookies in the fridge. both are equally as dangerous. I dyed my hair a brilliant cherry red this morning and headed into Brooklyn Heights for an interview that I was surprised to get. Two hours later, I had a job offer. This wellness center not only splits the fee per massage with the therapist, but also pays for downtime. So, even if I have no clients all day, I still get 70$. Not a fortune by any stretch, but better than nothing, which is the way it is most of the time. I suppose in return I have to keep busy when it's slow, but thats ok. $ is $. The annoying thing is that I work at both my other spa jobs during the available shifts at the new place. So, Im going to have to tell the current work "oops, sorry, I just cant make it in those days" I dont know about you, but I have a tough time in situations like this. Here I just started, and now I have to give up a day at once place, and reject the only 2 shifts offered from the other for this new job. I really have to do it though, since ive had 2 massages in all of june between all the mondays and wednesdays. and no pay for the downtime. thats not covering the rent. blarg. Yeah, so I have to do it. Wish me luck. Im such a pushover, so Im getting all nervous.
I need another cookie.

and now...

im watching Patch Adams. its so cheezy. ugha.
now on to Hells Kitchen and now im hungry. Dave called. its after 9:30 and hes JUST leaving the fishing hole. i feel like I should make food, but Im not really hungry. bad cookies. bad.