June 23rd, 2005

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so, after being all excited about the new job, and all nervous about telling the other Spas I was quitting on Mondays and Wednesdays....

I call N. at the new place. she says that she is delighted that I accepted and will talk to her boss regarding sponsorship and pay rates. she calls me back in half an hour:

"How are you? Im so sorry, but M. decided that she doesnt want to take on sponsorship right now. Im really sorry about this. I thought you were sweet and really talented, but she just doesnt want to sponsor someone. We are expanding, so please call us back in the fall after you have your license."

BUMMER! :( I mean, it's a lead later, like in October, but I need to pay for life now! Ugha. Disappointing.
So, Dave just left for work. I have to be back in Brooklyn to be on call by 2pm. So, this morning, I'll be revamping my resume, and searching for some more job options.

Ive signed up to take the National Certification Exam on 8/18 and State Boards are offered on 8/25. Yay for August. Cant wait to get through that! I was down yesterday, but Im feeling a little more motivated today to keep truckin. Dave is so supportive. He took me grocery shopping in his 'hood and took my mind off everything with a few ugly heads of lettuce and bad Key Food customer service.
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i just started Dave's new dishwasher. this is the first time it's been used, so I have to monitor under the sink for any leaking. yup, its a fun morning: revising the resume and dishwashing. gotta be back in Brooklyn by 1pm.