July 3rd, 2005


July 2- Mom
July 3- Idaho
July 4- USA

Its an action packed weekend.
Even more so because I just help Dave scrape, sweep, and prime his terrace floor. Its drying now. Dave is working on his kitchen and Im taking an email/ livejournal break before priming the bannister and applying a gray coat on the floor. The weather is gorgeous, so I dont mind working outside. Okay, so, now Dave is stripping the window. yum, here goes the last few braincells that I was using.

Tomorrow, we're planning a picnic with a few friends and some fireworks and attending a housewarming party for my buddy who just moved into DUMBO. She designed the entire interior of her townhouse and it's finally complete. Im so stoked to check it out. Then Tuesday is back to work. oh yeah.

Im drinking a coke for the first time in ....ages.