September 6th, 2005

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tonight im working on my resume. I was asked for a copy by Maggie, the woman who heads up massage therapy for the US Tennis Association. It's not such a huge honor, since she's asking all of us for one who worked at the US Open these past many days, but I see no reason to let that stop me from having a copy on her make-shift desk on Thursday.

Im having SUCH a fun time at the Open. Since Im not licensed, they cant pay me this year :(, but I do get into any stadium on any day for free, and have a $20/ day voucher for food. And I got Dave a ticket into the Ashe Stadium this past Sunday. We watched Kim C clobber Maria whats her name. Rochus was not too challenging for Federer either, but it was slightly more even. And Martina N. even said hi to me in the locker room! Thursday is my last day working, so Im trying to organize to meet up with one of my massage school buddies to catch the evening matches in Ashe.

So, Im done with all my exams.!!! I took the nationals on 8/16 and the State Boards on 8/25. I passed the nationals. No problem, and the computer tells you right away. We all have to wait for 6-8 weeks for the results on the State Boards though. Between you and me, I think they were also kinda easy...but I dont wanna jinx it. Alot of people have to take them 2 and 3 times, and who know...maybe I competely bubbled in dumb answers...The best part was getting drunk on chocolate cake shots after the test and beginning the formatting procedure on the scientific areas of my brain. I must make more room, since I have a MLD certification class coming up on 9/17. It will be an intensive 2 weeks in Jersey, afterwhich I will be a Lisa, LMT, CLT. Hopefully. if all goes well.

Fall is here. I still dont have internet access at home, so updates are far and few between. Email is piling up a little. Tonight is the first time in a while that Ive had time alone at Daves without him home or the TV on, or whatever. I can focus and think. The cool breeze flitting thought the door and the hum of metro north going by is rather soothing. Fall, like spring, is a transformation month for me. In the spring, im all restless and make quick and harsh choices to begin summer. In the fall, I settle into a more concentrated determination. This is how I feel now. I have my goals lined up like ducks. The are all so pretty and easy to see in the fading summer light. I hope that by the new year, I will have some new work using my MLD certification.

I received an email that most of our Here and Now friends from NO and vicinity seem to be ok. I dont know if Nathalie is still down there. I emailed one of my old NO friends, but have not heard back. There are several people I dont know how to contact. I wonder if Jeramy went back, and I wonder how his family is holding up. It could have been me, had I not made the random decision to move up here. My parents sent a thankful email yesterday on that note. they worry about me. alot. I can only hope that I hear from my friends soon. Like many NY'ers, theres a lot going on here, and the devastation was a day delay in hitting home. I cant even begin to imagine the mayhem, and my heart goes out to everyone...although little good that does.

Dave is leaving the hospital soon. Im going to attend to some online things and then sautee up some broccoli.
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