October 19th, 2005

lucky wednesday

yes indeed. i was laid off when I gave my 2 weeks notice at Area Emporium, but at least i get the days off to recover. this is day 2 and my forearm flexors are thankful, after working with only 1 other day off since october 1st. the cats are napping and so is the doggie. i bought a feliway plug-in yesterday from teh petstore. ifrit still shits on the floor and the whining has been insane. ive heard good things about the product and that all the cat-calming claims are true. so im trying it. almost immediately, the whining ceased. ive not heard a peep outta ifrit, accept when i brought out the cat snacks. he seems much more relaxed. no shit piles yesterday or today. so, both me and the roomie are keeping our fingers crossed. unfortunately, the plug-ins are really expensive. but if i can keep my roomie from leaving by controlling ifrit's ass, then ill do it. they also received some real estate in the form of a kitty condo. the ssecond story is still vacant, but KT has make the bottom floor his little kitchen space. that was another $40. ack. whatever. im gone so much. its only fair that the kitties feel better.

now, i just need some new clothes. bras. pants. winter shirts, a new coat, cause the lining is all ripped out in mine. i spent 100$ on scrubs this morning cause the uniform for the health clinic is blue scrubs. i can at least count that off the taxes in some portion. speaking of which, i need to contact my accountant soon. ive saved all my receipts, plus i still was in school for the first 4 months of the year. ive paid off some student loan interest. lots to deduct. :) or credit. or whatever! now that im working at only 2 places and earning a decent bit at one of them, im a little more comfortable going into the winter. im glad i cut the rent with the roomie too. plus, shes fun to have around.
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wow, the cats still are good. ifrits not pooping and KTs not humping his blanket!
im about to watch the last part of the metallica movie.