November 10th, 2005

the ifrit whine

its something special, to be sure. a pitiyful cry that embodies torture, starvation, dehydration, and any other type of cat abuse you can imagine into a second-long pointless plea. Because Ifrit's life is very difficult. Because Ifrit is not allowed into the other side of the apartment, into the sleeping area. Instead, he is confined to a large, warm kitchen and living room, with plenty of water and food, toys, a 2-story cat condo, chairs, tables, plastic bags, and windows with wide sills that face the courtyard. We should all feel quite sorry for him.

phone posting

So, im looking at this scrapbook option on LJ, and it rather eliminates any need i have for a website, since, all i really want at the moment is a text and picture based site. anyway, im trying to figure out how to upload to the scrapbook by cellphone. I see this option talked about in the info section of the scrapbook area, but I cant seem to locate a place to actually do this, or any info leading me in this direction. am I missing something?

Im online today for a bit:
1. researching laptops again
2. researching continuing education options
3. updating my LJ with someone elses computer on which i cant really keep any files

Generally waiting and hoping that I have more than 1 client at the Dayspa today. Otherwise, I'll be here in brooklyn until 5pm.
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