December 13th, 2005

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im working on business card designs this morning. its hard to make formatting work in microsoft word. listening to NPR: to Williams execution description. to how it's 17 degrees out in central park, and debate on the Patriot Act.

no work until 3

So, I was just called, seconds before I was going to run to Metro North, and informed by the health clinic that I am not needed today until 3pm. So, that gives me some online time to fiddle. And research and do all the online things that I can't do at home. Fine with me.

BTW, I couldnt get that amazon link thing to work. I tried it out by pasting it into an entry. All my computer knowledge left me about a year ago.

still here

i think this is the longest period of online-ness i've enjoyed for months. I was looking through livejournal communities looking for good places to announce my lymphedema services. i was really surprised that there is not a busy community devoted to the disease. it's one of those conditions that people develop and don't know how to handle, or where to look for help. anyway, im divided about posting because i hate it when people advertise, but at the same time, there are lots of cancer patients (not to mention primary or traumatic cases)who might be able to benefit. I'm not trying to sell random crap; im trying to make a difference.

Im starting a private practice in January in Brooklyn. It's a lot of work, but I'm enjoying it. Im keeping my other jobs, at the moment, but intend on using the space on Mondays and Thursdays. If I can grow it, then I'll start working weekends in Brooklyn, as well, but I need to be filling M & Th a little first. I am focusing on wellness and rehabilitaion massage...and hopefully picking up some lymphedema patients. I dont know how to deal with the whole health insurance thing, so that's a big issue right now. Gotta figure out rates, cards, brochures. its a lot.