January 15th, 2006

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im getting a sore throat. the last 2 massages today felt kinda strange and i was really unfocused. i could feel it slowly coming on. i suppose i have a runny nose to look forward to tomorrow. yay. i have the One Hour Swim next saturday, so im not really thrilled about the prospect of being ill this week. dave gave me some ice cream. what a good boy.

the weather snapped from high fifties to low 20's last night. the gust were up to 70mph! thats high for up north here. tonight, we're looking at a wind chill of 0-5 degrees, says the local NBC news. daves heat is not working too well, so im wearing a turtleneck, hoodie, sweatpants , socks, boiled wool booties, and a blanket over all of that. uh oh, he just sneezed. this is no good.

the private practice is slowly going. a client here and there: enough to cover rent expenses. good enough for the 3rd week, i think. Stilll out on Long Island 3 days a week, and working in Bronxville on the weekends. Dave expressed his dissatisfaction with me working my weekends, but i have to to pay the rent, so Im not sure of a good answer to the problem. i also hate working weekends and his stating his unhappiness has left me a little unmotivated...but again, i dont have a choice. maybe it was just the cold coming on that caused the unmotivation. who know. im going to bed early tonight. no swimming due to MLK day tomorrow, so i can sleep in until 7, or whatever.