January 23rd, 2006

3 hour massage

thats right folks! I just survived a 3 hour deep tissue massage. ouch! Im so wiped out. big time. its part of a swap. im going to work on this guy's Mom with lymphedema on thursday. im guzzing water.

I have to wait until 5pm to order sushi. 1/2 hour to go! until then, im playing the indigo prophecy. its a zonk day. Im still recovering from teh 16th annual 1 hour swim, swum on Saturday. I logged in a disappointing 3815 yards. so Slow. 2 years ago, I went 4035. Granted, ive been sick all week, but a girl's got goals, you know? I made Dave get his ass up at 5:00am to be my counter/ timer. Anyway, I thought I deserved a massage today, so there ya go. my cat is pacing. my roomate finally found work and is "enjoying" her first day on the job. That means i get alone time during the day now. We get along fine, but it's nice to be here in the quiet and undisturbed kitchen.

cough cough. still sick. im out.
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