February 15th, 2006

this day is not starting well

so, last night, my bathroom ceiling started leaking again. i called the landlord and he put me off and told me to find out the upstairs neighbors' number. i put up a note, but no response. meanwhile, the leak has been getting progressively worse. (and as far as I can tell the people upstairs are not even home..but, i hear a washing machine now and then from somewhere) I have over an inch of brown water in a bucket on the toilet from the last 4 hours. Im not sure I can even use the toilet while trying to balance the bucket overhead. sigh. now, almost a 3rd of the ceiling is water-stained and sagging, with huge brown drops ploping down at least once per second. the paint on the walls is bulging out, and as i found out, if i poke at it, it ruptures and spills out brown water.

so i called the landlord's office as soon as i got home from swim practice at 9:20am and some guy says..well, i cant guarantee that anyone can come out today. i was like...what the f! I reported this yesterday. i cant even use my own toilet. the freaking ceiling is going to fall in! im so irritated. im going to call back every 30 minutes until 1pm. i have to leave then to go to work. im not sure what else to do.

my foot is killing me too. im about to ice it and pop some ibuprofen. i think it's an acute tendonitis of flexor digitorum longus, considering area of pain and acitve/ passive movements that aggrevate it. I think breaststroke kick is causing it, but im not sure. so, im going to ice and try to make phone calls.

all i want is a hot shower and a nap until i have to leave. ugha! yes, im complaining.