February 28th, 2006

waiting to voicepost

i was going to do more voiceposting, but i think im out of minutes for the month. Yes yes, I have afer 9pm minutes, but I was in bed at 9:15pm last night, so that didnt help much. I tried to call my parents at 9:01, but as usual, my dad was online chatting. (They have dial up and only 1 phone line. No cell phones, because cell phones are extraneous, you see. I suppose they are for my parents, since they dont do much chatting with others.)

Im waiting for a call from Westbury to find out if im actually coming into work today. Im on my first cup of tea, and just finished off my second brownie. They are small 1inch brownies, but still, i shouldnt really be adding them to the 2-egg and toast saturated fat extravaganza from 30 minutes ago. I baked them from a recipe on the side of the Penzeys mint cocoa jar. since I dont drink milk, i hardly use it, but it makes the best brownies...and i finished it off last night. i made them late though, so by the time they were cool, i was sleepy. so, to make a long and pointless story longer....>><<<>>><<<i feel rather inclined to make up for what i missed last night. Just got done emailing some kids from the swim team. We're taking the 6:13 train to Westbury this Sunday for the swim meet. Zzzzz. No staying out late on Saturday...or Friday for that matter. I stressed about the 200 IM because 50 yards of fly on the shoulder is brutal..and the 100 back because my starts suck and my turns get frantic because i worry about being too far from the wall (mostly its a zen thing and not a physical skill thing). Im going to drill starts and turns tomorrow morning and Friday. I can distract myself by grocery shopping. I need gatorade and fruit and something for the 2 hour meal break. the meet runs from 8:30 -1:30, and smack in the middle is the 1650 and 1000 yard freestyle events. Those will take up time, so its a good place to pound some calories. Someone is dialing in their f&cking nextel phone in the hall. I still dont get why people want everyone else to listen to the conversation. not that i can really hear it. it's someone checking their voicemail. Dave wants to move north to Albany or Vermont after fellowship. Maybe there are less annoying people there. maybe not.

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my roommie appears to be out for the night, but she may return. its hard to tell. the radiator is blasting, which i love. it can keep that up. enjoying another brownie.