March 2nd, 2006

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my roommate announced that she is leaving.
i knew this was going to happen at some point and i am not upset because she gave me 2 months notice. so, let it be said that i am not upset at her at all about her move. but i am mega stressed about how to continue to survive in NYC. ever since i moved here, it has been a struggle. accept for about 3 months, i have never been " comfortable" . im always on strict budget. im not sure what to do. i may even have to give up massage and take up an office gig again. im quite sad. but i have 2 months to figure it out and ive always pulled myself over the ledge before.

if i wasnt in love with dave, id leave this place. but i cannot leave him. i told him this. i wonder if he truly understands the gravity of that statement...that im willing to live in poverty to be near him. that im willing to work at a job i destest to see him on the weekends.