May 9th, 2006


yes, let's start the 3rd week in the office out with a sneeze. i have the worst sore throat known to mankind and my back is so stiff that I cannot find a comfy position in my chair. Im going to see if I can leave 15 minutes about an hour. Ive been scanning cards and my eyes are crossing. I need a bath and some rest. I was supposed to go out tonight, but I cancelled. Better for everyone involved. May or may not swim tomorrow morning.

Planning on going out to Dave's place for the weekend to celebrate Mom's day and use her to help us find some flowers for his terrace. We searched at Home Depot and 2 Nurseries and found no cute wooden flower boxes. Only plastic. Dave is confident she will know where to find some as well as recommend some feisty low-light loving perennials to put in them. Maybe I can search online too. Maybe.