August 3rd, 2006


okay, yeah, so it's been a while. new job. new apt. new TV. new bed. and of course a new and longer commute.

I had a dream last night about Anthony Adamson, a friend from 6th grade and for some reason, I really want to get in touch with him. He was an AMAZING cartoonist and I found an Anthony Adamson online in Idaho working at a tattoo shop. Seems fitting, but I dont want to freak anyone out by calling. --myself included--. I mean, who calls someone that havent thought of in years because of a dream. I wonder if he would even remember me. I thought he was so funny. In Mr. Warren's class we were goofing off one day and Mr. Warren told us we'd have to hold hands if we couldnt keep quiet. So, we shut up. Very embarrassing in 6th grade! haha. I guess, in retrospect, I may have had a little crush on him, but mostly we just got along great and he took my abuse :)

Yeah, so I feel obsessed with finding him, and I cant. Even thought of joining the evil empires of friendster and myspace just to find a friend of a friend. All I know is that after Meridian Middle school, I think he went to Meridian High in Meridian Idaho. I went to Centennial. I dont even know if he graduated from there, and if he did, if he stayed or whatever. I mean, we're talking 6th grade. Did we get separated before then? why does this matter? what am i really searching for and how do i find it?