August 10th, 2006

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Anyone know how to get some sort of deal on the most-Gig Ipod? I wanted to buy one this weekend, and if there are any coupons or discounts that anyone knows about, I'd sure like to apply them. Dave's computer has been acting funny since I ripped 1/2 my CD collection onto his hard drive and I want to remove the mp3's as soon as possible. You press the "on" button on Dave's computer and maybe 10 minutes later, it turns on. strange.

I must be boring...

I'm watching the damn webcam of the corpse flower at the brooklyn botanical garden that i posted below. but it's SUCH a cool flower and it's open this afternoon...or opening as least. wow. I REALLY want to go tomorrow and see if it smells like dead cow for reals.
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I just got invited to massage at the Professional Beach Volleyball tourney out on Coney Island - Aug 17th - 20th. I want to do it, but I'll be in Flushing, Queens for the US Open on the 20th and working at the old officey office on the 17th/ 18th. I guess I could do the 19th. Maybe. But I want just a little but of weekend. We'll see. What a fun opportunity though. Decisions, decisions.

Im counting down the seconds. I've been dinking around online all day and now I have online-brain and crossed eyes. 45 minutes until freedom. Meeting my friend Jason at the Starbucks down on 23rd and 8th ave before the movie (note: the only use for Starbucks, afterall, is to meet up...well, and to pee in an emergency. They have infected this city like a virus uncontrolled. And people ACTUALLY think that coffee is SUPPOSED to taste burnt. Starbucks, you've ruined the American coffee pallet!) I've brought my maroon fuzzy pants and a new olive green ribbed husband-beater with Asian flower embroidery on the side to wear for the occasion. I wasnt going to change, but I think I'll implode if I wear corporate gear a moment after 6pm tonight. And that would be bad cause I just gobbled down some microwaved lasagne.