August 11th, 2006

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It's silly, but online grocery shopping is one of my favorite things to do at work. It satisfies my desire to shop online and it eats through a good hour of time with all the deciding on WHICH brands of this or that to purchase. The office now spends between $300 -$350/week on food. Most of it gets eaten, although there's always left-over sliced cheese and meat and that has to be thrown away. (I try ordering less, but then we run out of something and someone complains. We must always have a surplus!!) I used to pack up extra food and give it to this homeless guy on the commute to the old apartment. Unfortunately, I take a different train now, so more food gets trashed. I hate the sound the deli bags hitting the bottom of the trashcan. I try to make up for my feelings by making sure to cut all the little rings on the 6-pack's after pulling off the soda cans. I got laughed at in the beginning, but my guilty conscience prevailed and now some people in the office agree that it's probably a good idea afterall.

The deli portion of the order is a good 30% of the total cost: 5-6 different types Boar's Head cold cuts and 4-5 variations on cheese. Then there's the entire dairy component: 2-3 gallons of milk, 3 bags of Laughing Cow cheese, Polly-O string cheese, cottage cheese, and 20 single servings of Yoplait with a splash of Dannon blueberry on the bottom. This office LOVES it's dairy. And chips: regular, BBQ, Sour Cream & Onion, Salt & Vinegar, Sundried Tomato and Basil, Pirates Booty "healthy" Cheese puffs, and pretzel snaps. Five bags of salad (not Dole!) and all the toppings: carrots, feta cheese, kidney beans, corn, croutons, grape tomatoes, & tomatoes on the vine. Dressings: low carb, non-fat and Annies Natural. Sandwich fixings. And 4 types of cereals, and pickles and Ben and Jerry's pints, and Animal Crackers, and LOTS of fresh fruit And for me: Amy's frozen stuff: burritos and lasagne and chocolate soy milk. Who needs to buy food at all during the week with all that? And I dont have a budget. I try and keep it contained, but everyone wants what they want. And keeping people happy is my job here, not budgeting. That has been made clear on several occasions when I was trying to be thrifty. I'm finally starting to get used to that fact. There's A LOT of money around here. My old Japanese company would be gasping and coughing at the excess. I gasp and cough sometimes too. But I get over it.

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Today got busy. I've not even had time to punk around online to figure out what's going on tonight around town. Movies, music? I dunno. I have 45 minutes left to check out the scene.

The weather is gorgeous and I went out for half an hour to pick up a panini. As a result, I have a tummy ache. I've gotten very used to salad and a bland sandwich for lunch, so the basil assault on my GI tract caught me with low defenses. Im going to make a chocolate soymilk protein shake to calm things down. And fill me up so I won't be tempted by expensive dinners. I'm buying an IPod afterall. I need to save.

Happy weekend!