August 18th, 2006

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So, to erase "The Decent" from memory, Dave and I will be viewing "Snakes on a Plane" with Samuel L. "Use the force, motherfuker" Jackson. But not until after dinner at this African restaurant that I've been wanting to try. It's mainly Ethiopian, but with a zest of Morocco..or so I hear. It's in the theatre district, so I made reservations for 6:45pm. I was going to stop and buy Dave some flowers, but I can't imagine he'd want to carry them around for 5+ hours. So, instead, I will catch a cross town bus and then slowly walk downtown, carefully avoiding the heart of Times Square.

--Pause, listen to gossip about boss, talk about Ben and Jerrys ice cream with co-workers, get water, scan some biz cards--

On a completely different topic, you know you live in a strange town when certain buildings get washed every day. I'm talking about the Time Warner Building at Columbus Circle. Every morning when I get off the subway escalator, I tiptop across the wet sidewalk in my slippery and ancient Old Navy flops. Why? Because it's been hosed down and then cleaned with one of those riding floor polisher machines. The sidewalk for Christ sakes! And then the front of the building: window washers and wall washers: people squeegeeing the windows and washing the sides of the building with rags. And...people polishing the silver horseposts/ cigarette cans/ random silver cylinders out front with noxious chemicals. I always hold my breath. It's almost like brass polish, but the cylinders don't look brass. I just think it's wierd.

--Pause to complain about 7 boxes blocking me in at my desk that a boss ordered for ASAP delivery...right before he left on his 1 week vacation. I actually didnt start this. Someone else did who knows how much it costs to retrieve boxes from Iron Mountain storage. I try not to gossip, really..(hey, I do!!) but people REALLY want to. I try and say things nicely.--

I'm looking forward to massaging at the US Open this weekend and watching from free tennis action. I don't even know who the hot shots and underdogs this year are, althought I did think that Federer was still rockin on the clay courts. My brain is fried. I have 1.5 more hours to go.